Protect Your Rights And Driver’s License

A DUI charge can be the most severe criminal charge an average person might ever face. This means that many people who are facing DUI charges may be extremely stressed and overwhelmed by the experience. They may mistakenly believe that there is no good way to fight the charges and that they just need to accept the consequences and move on.

Whether you have faced criminal charges before or this is a first offense, you deserve a defense that can effectively counter the efforts of the prosecution.

There Are Ways To Beat DUI Charges

Experienced attorneys know what strategies work and where they can look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. We will examine every element of your case to find ways that we can create the strongest defense, including:

  • Questioning if there was reasonable suspicion for the initial traffic stop or probable cause for your arrest
  • Questioning if the officer violated your rights to counsel, to remain silent, or to be released for an independent test
  • Questioning if the officer was properly trained on field sobriety testing
  • Questioning if your blood was properly or accurately analyzed

Our firm is here to help people facing all types of DUI charges:

  • First offenders
  • Repeat offenders
  • DUI-Drugs
  • Aggravated DUI

We can also defend you against charges for leaving the scene of an accident.

We Are Never Outworked

At the Nolan Law Firm, we are a husband and wife team of highly skilled criminal defense attorneys with decades of combined experience building cases that give our clients the best chance at securing outcomes to their cases that help them protect their rights and their driving privileges. We are strong trial attorneys who understand how to make the courtroom work for our clients. Let us put that experience to work for you.

DUI Defense Lawyers Serving Mesa And Throughout Arizona

When DUI charges are threatening your driver’s license, turn to the Nolan Law Firm. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call 480-359-3457 or contact us online.