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Take a stand against violent crime charges

When it comes to criminal charges, no charge is particularly good to have to defend against. An Arizona resident who has been accused of a crime may be fearful of the allegations made against them and may not know what types of punishments are in store for them if they are convicted. However, as a general practice, the more damage an alleged crime inflicts on the public, the more serious their sanctions may be if they are convicted.

What is "premeditation"?

If a person wants to accomplish something then they may make a plan to reach their goal. While in most contexts having a plan in place is usually considered a benefit to an individual, in one particular context it may not be a good thing: accusations of criminal conduct. In particular, if an Arizona resident is accused of causing another person's death and "premeditation" is alleged, they may face a very steep and very serious uphill legal battle.

What are the elements of an assault charge?

When an Arizona prosecutor believes that they have enough evidence to try and convict a person for the crime of assault, they think that they can prove all of the elements of the charge. The following paragraphs will outline what is involved in a charge of assault and what defenses a Mesa resident may have to such claims; this post does not offer legal advice and readers should retain their own attorneys to get case-specific guidance.

Defense strategies when a person is falsely accused of a crime

Any criminal charge can derail a Mesa resident's future, but allegations of violent conduct can result in incarceration and other serious consequences. When an Arizona resident is falsely accused of committing a violent crime they should work diligently with their criminal defense attorney to prepare a strong case for their innocence. That case may include some of the defense strategies outlined in the rest of this post.

Different charges may be filed when a murder is alleged

The death of a human being is taken very seriously under the laws of Arizona and when a death allegedly occurs at the hands of another person the accused may face serious criminal charges. There are different homicide charges that may be filed in such circumstances and this post will briefly touch on some of those crimes. However, readers are cautioned that the information contained herein is not legal advice and consultation with a criminal defense attorney is recommended for those with questions about homicide defense.

Aggravated circumstances can elevate sentencing of rape charges

Sexual assault and rape are serious criminal charges in Arizona. Any reader who is facing these significant violent crimes should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss their legal options for preparing a case-specific defense strategy. This post will briefly introduce several factors that may elevate the sentencing of a rape or sexual assault conviction but readers are reminded that the information contained herein is not legal advice.

What Really Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is known as the sexual assault, battery, physical assault, willful intimidation, and/or abusive behavior that is a systematic pattern of control and power of one person against another. This type of violence includes emotional abuse, psychological violence, sexual violence, and physical violence. The severity and frequency of domestic violence can vary, yet the constant component is one partner's effort to maintain control and power over another.

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