When an ex lies about spousal abuse

| Aug 19, 2019 | criminal defense |

People who break up with a spouse may have to work through a lot of different challenges, some of which may threaten their financial future (such as alimony or child support) or their emotional well-being. However, some people have an especially hard time during and after their divorce, such as those who are falsely accused of domestic violence. There are a lot of factors that may play a role in these allegations, and we will examine some of the different reasons why people may find themselves in this position.

One of the most common reasons why someone is falsely accused of spousal abuse by their partner is their ex’s attempt to gain an advantage in a custody dispute. Their ex may also accuse them of abusing their child in order to gain custody rights. Even for couples that never had children, these claims may arise even though they have no basis. For example, hurt feelings are common during divorce and following the end of a marriage, and some people try to make their ex’s life difficult by accusing them of domestic violence even though they know that the accusations are completely untrue.

Regardless of why someone is facing false allegations of spousal abuse, it is essential for them to do everything they can to protect their future. These claims can completely unravel a person’s life and lead to all sorts of unexpected challenges, from difficulty finding work in the future to losing one’s job and suffering major damage to their reputation (in some cases, the damage cannot ever be repaired).