5 new laws in Arizona as of 2019

| Feb 1, 2019 | Firm News |

There are frequently new laws and changes to existing ones in Arizona. In fact, the number of bills passed by the state legislature is a whopping 369. Many of these new rules are now in effect, as of Jan. 1, 2019. 

Several of these new laws will impact your daily life. They address a wide range of issues, from license suspensions to the minimum wage. Here are five of the most notable new laws in Arizona. 

1. Driver’s license suspension

House Bill 2169 helps drivers keep their licenses. It ends an existing mandate that the Arizona Department of Transportation suspends licenses for individuals who do not attend court appearances when facing accusations of breaking the law. Now, licenses are only subject to suspension if people do not show up to court in response to a criminal complaint; civil issues do not apply anymore.

2. Traffic ticket fee

If you get a traffic citation, you will pay $4 more, thanks to HB 2527. This new fee funds the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The funds will specifically go to a driving safety campaign and new training equipment. The same law increases the fee for drivers going to a court-ordered driving school. Instead of $5, the fee is now $9.

3. Fee on fines and forfeitures

HB 2313 adds a $9 fee to every forfeiture or fine for any traffic ticket, criminal offense or violation of fish and game regulations. The money collected from this fee goes to the Arizona Victims’ Rights Fund.

4. Vehicle registration fee

Every vehicle registration will have a $32 fee, according to HB 2166. This fee covers operations by the highway patrol. 

5. Minimum wage

The minimum wage in Arizona is increasing again, thanks to Proposition 206. In 2019, the minimum wage is $11, up from $10.50. The proposition raises the minimum wage to $12 in 2020. 

Keeping up with new laws helps you stay out of trouble and keeps surprise at the new penalties at bay.