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May 2018 Archives

Defense strategies when a person is falsely accused of a crime

Any criminal charge can derail a Mesa resident's future, but allegations of violent conduct can result in incarceration and other serious consequences. When an Arizona resident is falsely accused of committing a violent crime they should work diligently with their criminal defense attorney to prepare a strong case for their innocence. That case may include some of the defense strategies outlined in the rest of this post.

Can police officers search your car during a DUI stop?

You may naturally feel nervous if the police pull you over, especially if you had something alcoholic to drink earlier in the evening. It is paramount to remember your rights and that the police cannot search your vehicle without probable cause. For example, a cop may have pulled you over for having a broken taillight, but that is not an excuse to search the rest of your car to see if any drugs or alcohol are in the vicinity. 

Lasting consequences can affect those convicted of sex crimes

Certain sexual acts are deemed crimes by the laws of Arizona. Not long ago, this Mesa-based criminal defense legal blog discussed how the state defines sexual assault and the elements of charges that may be alleged against a person facing an alleged sex crime. If a person fails to successfully defend themselves against charges of sex crimes, then they may quickly discover how severe and long-lasting the consequences of conviction can be.

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