4 mistakes to avoid at DUI checkpoints

| Apr 27, 2018 | drunk driving |

DUI checkpoints are legal in Arizona. These are checkpoints where a driver must come to a complete stop, so police officers can see if the driver has any alcohol in his or her system. In fact, people can look up online where these checkpoints will come up. 

Many people become nervous as they approach these checkpoints, especially if they only had one alcoholic drink in the last hour but worry that is enough for arrest. Regardless of how much you drank beforehand, here are some mistakes to avoid when you go through a DUI checkpoint. 

1. Acting aggressively

You may feel inconvenienced of having to stop, but you should never take that out on the officer. Simply hand over your license, registration and insurance without any attitude. If you make the cop’s job easier, then you will get out of there much sooner. 

2. Driving away from the checkpoint

You may see the checkpoint coming up and decide you still have time to pull a U-turn to find another way home. Police officers anticipate this, and if you try to do this, then you can expect a cruiser to follow you. You then have to deal with questions related to why you tried to flee the roadblock. 

3. Lying

It is important to remember you have the right to remain silent. If the officer asks you if you drank any alcohol that evening, then you do not have to say anything. In the event the cop discovers you did drink something, your lie will damage your credibility in court. 

4. Allowing a voluntary search of your vehicle

The cops do not have a right to search your vehicle without probable cause. However, if you give them permission, then they can arrest you if they find any illegal substances. You simply need to say that you do not consent to such a search. Even if you have nothing to hide, it is best to protect your rights.