Pulled over for a DUI? Follow these 3 tips

| Feb 8, 2018 | drunk driving |

You are at a party one night and you decide to drive home. Perhaps you only had a drink or two and assume that driving will be no big deal, only to see the lights flashing behind you. Maybe you were swerving a bit, driving unreasonably slow or you just have a taillight out. Whatever the case is, you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you hear the sirens. 

Nobody wants to end up in this situation, but sometimes it happens and you need to deal with it. How you react to a DUI stop and conduct yourself may save you from facing an arrest. Here are some things you should do when the police stop you for driving drunk.

1. Pull over promptly

As soon as you see a police officer flash his or her lights toward you, slow down a bit and put on your turn signal to show you intend to pull over. Get to the side of the road as soon and as safely as possible. Do not delay pulling over for any reason other than safety.

2. Stay in your car

When you pull over, turn off your car. If it is dark, turn on the light inside your car and put your hands on the steering wheel. Unless the officer requests that you get out of the car, stay there. You do not want to be frantic and stumble out of your vehicle. 

3. Be polite but careful with your words

Obviously, you want to avoid mouthing off at the officer or disobeying orders. Be nice and cooperative, but do not say too much unless you want to risk incriminating yourself. Do not volunteer any extra information. If the officer asks you whether you had anything to drink, either say you do not recall or remain silent. Being candid will not get you very far.

A DUI stop is scary, but follow these tips to handle the situation more confidently.