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Understanding Arizona's DUI Laws

The consequences for drinking and driving in Arizona are tough. Under Arizona DUI laws, driving under the influence can carry severe penalties including jail time and thousands of dollars in fines and fees. If you've been charged with driving under the influence there are some things you need to know.

First, it's important to understand the charges before you. Driving under the influence is a class one misdemeanor in Arizona. However, under certain circumstances, such as aggravated DUI or extreme DUI, the offense can be charged as a felony. Additionally, a DUI can be escalated to a felony if:

The defendant has prior DUI convictions of their record
The defendant's driver's license is suspended at the time of their arrest
The defendant is arrested for DUI after a previous driving under the influence conviction and court order
requiring the use of an interlock device
There is a child under the age of 15 in the vehicle with the defendant

There are also different consequences for misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. Under Arizona law, a misdemeanor driving under the influence conviction includes the following penalties:

Minimum 10 days jail time
Minimum 90 days suspended license
12 months of ignition interlock
5 years of probation
Fines and fees exceeding $1,500

Felony driving under the influence convictions carry even greater penalties including:

Minimum 30 days jail time
Minimum 90 days suspended license
12 months of ignition interlock
5 years of probation
Fines and fees exceeding $2,700
Required traffic survival school

Second and third offenses carry even more significant consequences including increased jail time, license suspensions and heftier fines.

If you've been charged with driving under the influence, don't wait. Call a DUI defense attorney immediately. The first 24 hours are critical to establishing your defense and waiting to call an attorney can significantly damage your case. Before you do anything, please contact your attorney right away. Don't speak to anyone before consulting with your Arizona DUI attorney about the details of your specific case. You have the right to a fair trial. Arizona laws grant you the opportunity to present the best defense possible, an experienced DUI defense attorney can help ensure that you receive the representation you need.

With over 15 years experience with representing DUI cases, the expert team at the Nolan Law Firm has the experience you need to help guide you through the legal process and ensure you receive a fair trial. If you've been charged with a DUI act fast, and contact the Nolan Law Firm today.

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